• Completion of moving assessment tool
  • Contacting moving companies for hire
  • Assisting with packing of belongings
  • Contacting utility companies.
  • Preparing the home for a move

This Service offers:

This Service offers:

Quality Planning For Your Future Needs
  • Determination of appropriate level of care
  • Tour of the possible facilities
  • Provide emotional support for the client and family

Older individuals are often faced with the decision to move or not to move. Aging in place is of course the desired choice. When an older individual has reached the point of an unsafe home setting, despite resources and safety nets, our company offers assistance with choosing the right place to move.

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Often, older individuals have raised their families and lived in their current residence for many years. Moving can be an emotional and stressful event. In addition, the client may not have family available to assist with the move. Our company offers assistance with this life changing event. 

Relocation Services