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Quality Planning For Your Future Needs

The result of this assessment is a comprehensive written report of the findings with extensive recommendations as to a plan of care. 

This function of a geriatric care manager is likened to a detective’s role. The comprehensive assessment meticulously uncovers clues and gathers the evidence to draw conclusions to form a quality plan of care. The goal of the assessment is to collect as much data as possible to make solid recommendations for a future plan. The result of an assessment will ensure the right care delivered by the right person at the right time. The assessment occurs on the initial visit and entails evaluation of:

Examples of Care Management:

  • Evaluate community resources for effectiveness in meeting the client's needs.
  • Refer to the client community resources to provide care to meet the client's needs.
  • Visit client twice per month to evaluate the plan.
  • Coordinate with health care professionals as needs arise.
  • Report plan status monthly to client or family.

Once a client has had a comprehensive geriatric assessment, their needs are established, and a plan of care has been developed, we can assist with coordinating care from community resources, and monitoring the plan as needed. As needs change, the plan is altered to ensure the highest level of autonomy safely. This is especially helpful for the out of town family member. Our company becomes the surrogate family for the client. 

Assess & Manage Care

  • Economic status
  • Legal affairs
  • Environmental: home safety status
  • Consultation with physicians and other
    health professionals
  • Family/Significant other consultation
  • Physical health
  • Functional status
  • Cognitive status
  • Psychological status
  • Social Network
  • Spiritual Beliefs

Comprehensive Assessment

Ongoing Care Management