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Quality Planning For Your Future Needs

Who will you call when your loved one ends up in the hospital and you live 200 miles away?

Who will you hire to assist your loved one with personal care, meal prep, light house work or running errands?

Is your loved one socially isolated or unsafe living alone?

How should you address noticeable changes in memory?

The fundamental purpose of a Care Manager is to be the client's advocate. The Care Manager strives to navigate a client safely through the healthcare maze.

The Comprehensive Assessment 
​gathers the evidence to draw conclusions to form a quality
​plan of care.

Ongoing Care Management
is the assistance with coordinating care from community resources, and monitoring the plan as needed.  

client advocacy

assess & manage care

are we right for you?

Care Management is the coordination of services by a geriatric expert to enhance the quality of life for the older individual. This entails researching and organizing resources to maintain function and autonomy at an individual’s maximum ability.

We can help with the following questions:

117 New London Tpk.  |  Glastonbury, CT  |  860.659.9009  |  joanne@agingcarellc.com

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117 New London Tpk.  |  Glastonbury, CT  |  860.659.9009  |  joanne@agingcarellc.com

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